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Narrated by Samuel West
Written by George Orwell
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"1984 was George Orwell’s chilling prophecy about the future, but Orwell’s narrative is now timelier than ever. A startling and haunting vision of the world."

"Reading George Orwelll's 1984 is almost surreal. Perhaps Orwell foresaw that Britain would wield surveillance like an unrestrained weapon, with London boasting more CCTV cameras than any other city in Europe. But he couldn't have guessed that the degree of surveillance he imagined in his worst nightmares, when he wrote the book, would be so easily surpassed by an out-of-control NSA in the United States. Nor that for the sake of convenience or a delusional sense of security, people would be so willing to reveal their every last thought to Big Brother simply by an appeal to their egos. Today's Big Brother need not to worry about formerly-illegal eavesdropping to capture "thought criminals" or flag their Google searches. Or torture without the threat of prosecution or sanction. He just needs to read their tweets. If he has the patience."

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