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Howl's Moving Castle
Narrated by Jenny Sterlin
Illustrated by Tim Stevens
Written by Diana Wynne Jones

"Three words to describe this book; Whimsical, hilarious, magical."

"So this book follows Sophie, the oldest of three sisters which means she's the unlucky one, the least fortunate. One day while working in her hat shop Sophie is cursed by the Witch Of The Waste and turned into an old lady...yeah. She makes her way to Howls Moving Castle, the castle of the evil wizard Howl, where she convinces the wizard (sorta) to let her live there and become the cleaning lady, this is the start of a hilarious story full of magic and mayhem."

"The story and characters are wonderfully quirky. There is adventure and intrigue, magic, and mischief, and romance. And really, above all else, there is joy."

"I really really loved this book, it was magical and funny and adorable and it had such an oddly cute romance, I just feel like gushing about it on and on but I will attempt to hold myself back."

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