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Narrated by George Guidall
By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

"The story of a man who’s expectation of knowledge led to the love of science, which resulted in a passion for exploration and grandeur that led to obsession and achievement. But to what end? Victor Frankenstein engaged in undertakings surpassing any ever attempted. He without consideration, self-preservation, or repercussions painstakingly constructed a human form and brought him life. Yet on the day of his creation birth, he ran from him calling him a monster and left him to his own devices. Some look at his creation as being just such named. However, was the creation indeed a monster? Is a living thing, which can think, love, empathizes, long, and want truly be considered a monster? Or, should the creator, the one the creature relied on, the one who brought him life and then abandoned him be indeed perceived as the monster?"
-JC Brennan

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