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Narrated by Adam Beach
Written by Sherman Alexie
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

Flight is the hilarious and tragic story of an orphaned Indian boy who travels back and forth through time in a charged search for his true identity.
The journey begins as he’s about to commit a massive act of violence. At the moment of decision, he finds himself shot back through time to resurface in the body of an FBI agent during the civil-rights era. It’s only the first stop. He continues traveling back to inhabit the body of an Indian child during the battle at Little Bighorn and then rides with an 1800s Indian tracker before materializing as an airline pilot jetting through the skies today. When he returns to his own life, he is transformed by all he’s seen.
This is Sherman Alexie at his most brilliant—making us laugh while breaking our hearts. Simultaneously wrenching and deeply humorous, Flight is irrepressible, fearless, and groundbreaking.

ADVISORY: Contains adult language and situations

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