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Black Beauty
Narrated by Cori Samuel
Written by Anna Sewell
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Black Beauty : The Autobiography of a Horse

"Anna Sewell's Black Beauty was written around the turn of the 19th century, and it is as remarkable a story to read. She does what few authors of her time did, and many do now, but with much greater charm and imagination. She makes 'Black Beauty', a young stallion growing up to be a 'working horse' in 19th century England, both her hero and her narrator. We see the story of horses, places and people Beauty knows through his own eyes, and we feel the grounding truth of the story even more that way, And that's why this book is still a classic read, for ages 8 to 98. I can't recommend it too highly. You will be transported to a very different, and yet a very familiar time and place, in which wise horses and foolish ones, foolish people and compassionate ones live and work and learn how much they depend on one another."
-R. C. Sacksteder

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