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The Thirty-Nine Steps
Narrated by Robert Powell
Written by John Buchan
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

John Buchan's classic tale of espionage and intrigue. When Richard Hannay discovers a dead body in his apartment, he's dragged into a dark and dangerous world of global politics, secret societies, and undercover agents. Accused of murder and with the fate of the British fleet resting in his hands, Hannay must elude the police and foreign spies, decode a cryptic notebook, and convince the enigmatic Sir Walter Bullivant to believe his incredible tale.

Richard Hannay returns to England, after making his fortune in South Africa, and is unwillingly ensnared in a plot to assassinate the Greek premier and so plunge Europe into war. Scudder, an American journalist turned spy, has coded information relating to the plot but is murdered in Hannay's luxurious flat before he can pass on the code. Hannay, with all fingers pointing to him as the murderer escapes on a train with Scudder's coded notebook. He is pursued by the police and enemy agents intent on seizeing the notebook. In his flight he holes up in a remote wayside inn where he masters the code and learns Scudder's secrets.From then on it's a race to get to London and notify the authorities.

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