Ella Speed
by Mance Lipscomb

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Well the first time I shot Ella
I shot her through the side
Second time I could not tell where

But the third time I shot her
I shot her through the head
You know that shot must've killed poor Ella dead

When they all got the news
That Ella Speed was dead
They goes home and dresses up in red

There was two white horses
Side in side
Gonna take Ella for a last flowery ride

Ella ‘fore she died
Last words she said
Tell my sisters please don’t do like me

That’s fall in love
With everyone
With every one that you see

One of these mornings
While you’re having fun
Somebody gonna do like Ella done

Now Ella she went out
Just to have some fun
She got shot down with with Colt .41

Well they shot Ella once
Didn’t shoot her no more
She staggered cross the ballroom floor

Ain’t it hard
Man, but it’s true
You can love someone don’t love you

Well the last words
I heard Ella say
Tell my sisters don’t do like me

That is fall in love
With everyone
With everyone that you see