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Press Enter
Narrated by Peter Ganim
Written by John Varley
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

Victor Apfel, a lonely middle-aged veteran, gets a recorded phone call asking him to come to his reclusive neighbor's house to take care of what he finds there. The voice promises that he'll be rewarded. Victor would like to ignore the message, but he gets another call every 10 minutes. When Victor finally arrives at Charles Kluge's house, he finds Kluge dead and slumped over his computer keyboard . . . "

Press Enter won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novella in 1985. It works on many levels -- it's a romance, murder mystery, psychological drama, and horror story. It's exciting, moving, and scary. Though Press Enter is set in the early 1980s, it feels nostalgic rather than dated.

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