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Plum Lucky
Narrated by Lorelei King
Written by Janet Evanovich
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

     Stephanie Plum has a way of attracting danger, lunatics, oddballs, bad luck . . . and mystery men. And no one is more mysterious than the unmentionable Diesel. He’s on the trail of a little man in green pants who’s lost a giant bag of money. Problem is, the money isn’t exactly lost. Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur has found it, and she left in a Winnebago to Atlantic City and to play the slot machines. With Lula and Connie in tow, Stephanie attempts to bring Grandma home, but luck is rubbing off on everyone: Lula’s found a job modeling plus-size lingerie. Connie’s found a guy. Diesel’s found Stephanie. And Stephanie has found herself in over her head with a caper involving thrice-stolen money, a racehorse, a car chase, and a bad case of hives.
      Plum Lucky┬áis an all-you-can-eat buffet of thrills, chills, shrimp cocktail, and plus-size underwear.

ADVISORY: Contains adult language and adult situations

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