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Martian Chronicles
Narrated by Mare Trevathan
Written by Cory Doctorow
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

“Martian Chronicles” is a popular video game on Earth and Mars.

Teenager David Brionn Oglethorpe Smith III and his family set of on an adventure leaving an over-populated Earth behind to be colonists on Mars. David, a powerful, virtual CEO in the role-playing game. Martian Chronicles, quickly meets fellow teenagers and Martian Chronicle players, Vijay and Helene, on the colony ship, Eagle. Vijay is a "pove" or lower-class person whose persona in the Martian Chronicles game is even higher than David's - 'Senior Auditor'. Helene is powerful in her own right as a 'Raider'. Will this trio be able to overlook their real-life and online social classes and embrace their new life as colonists starting over on a new world?

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