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Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Narrated by Martin Jarvis
Written by James Hilton
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What is it that makes this sentimental story of a schoolteacher so appealing for so many people? Well, I believe, if we're lucky, some of us have had the good fortune in our early school lives to have had a Mr. Chips as a teacher. School -teachers can have a profound influence on our lives, changing our destinies, instilling a single thought or lesson in our young minds that shaped our perceptions of the world. Mr. Chips was a schoolteacher and nothing else, a modest individual who knew his place in the world and performed his job to the best of his ability for over sixty years. He taught generation after generation of young men, a constant in the lives of many. Mr. Chips also deeply cared about his students, and observed their progress through life even after their departure from the school.

Critics back in the thirties when the novella was first published called it "the most profoundly moving story that has passed this way in several years." The story has become a classic because it will be just as relevant one hundred years from now.

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