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Fair Extension
Narrated by Craig Wasson
Written by Stephen King
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

“Fair Extension" is told with a wicked sense of dark humor. Dave Streeter is dying of cancer while his best friend Tom Goodhugh lives the successful high life with the girl he stole from Streeter back in high school. But then a deal with the Devil allows Streeter fifteen years’ life extension and petty revenge on his best friend.

Although the Devil scorns the offer of his soul, saying that souls have become cheap, transparent things, we have to wonder what condition Streeter’s soul is in if he’s willing to make the deal he does. Like other classic "deal-with-the-Devil" stories like, you keep waiting for the protagonist to show some remorse, or at least fear for his immortal soul. Streeter does neither --- while Tom Goodhugh’s life falls apart, he smiles and wishes for more. “Fair Extension" is an exercise in black humor.

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