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The Graduate
Narrated by Scott Brick
Written by Charles Webb
ESL English Listening :: Adult Literacy

"A perfect slice of alienation – an all-American youth-against-the-world story. The New York Times called it a “zany revolt against a solid gold future,” adding that it was “brilliant,” “sardonic,” and “ludicrously funny.”

"Webb’s book is supposedly based on a true story – it describes a young man’s affair with a married older woman."

"What makes the book wonderful is its sharp and ironic dialogue."

“Mrs. Robinson. I think – I think you’re the most attractive woman of all my parents’ friends. I mean that. I find you desirable. But….”

"I found this book to be loaded with unspoken richness and multi-dimensional characters, especially Mrs. Robinson."

"Amazing characters--so real they seem to be fully alive. Pitch perfect dialogue. Very funny book full of honesty and true feelings."

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