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The Ghostway
Narrated by George Guidall
Written by Tony Hillerman
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Old Joseph Joe sees it all. Two strangers spill blood at the Shiprock Wash-O-Mat. One dies. The other drives off into the dry lands of the Big Reservation, but not before he shows the old Navajo a photo of the man he seeks.

This is all Navajo Tribal Policeman Jim Chee needs to set him off on an odyssey that moves from a trapped ghost in an Indian hogan to the seedy underbelly of L.A. to an ancient healing ceremony where death is the cure, and into the dark heart of murder and revenge.

THE GHOSTWAY is a vivid exposition of the clash between the modern world and the culture of the Navajos. Jim Chee is caught in the war for his soul as all of his instincts draw him to become a Navajo "singer" although his heart has fallen for a white school teacher. A strong narrative of a people at the crossroads.

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