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People of Darkness
  by Tony Hillerman
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People of Darkness :

Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police, is one of the enduring characters of mystery fiction. He embodies the conflicts felt by many bicultural people who struggle to integrate within their own lives influences from the modern, white world and their traditional cultural heritage .

The Navajo Indians are a sovereign nation within the United States. and Chee can interact with the world of white people on his own terms, without needing to embrace its values.

People of Darkness begins by plunging you into the action: A bomb is set off at a cancer clinic, a box of keepsakes is stolen, a shadowy character passes through town, and a man is murdered. It all seems to have something to do with a group called the "People of Darkness" and peyote and an oil-drilling accident which occurred in the late 1940s.

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