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I Am Legend
Narrated by Robertson Dean
Written by Richard Matheson
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This novel is where it all started. The pioneering work that later inspired every other tale of a normal human being fighting against the odds in a world gone mad with the hungry hordes of the undead; a world where a mysterious virus has not only killed off virtually ever other man, woman and child but causes them to return as zombie-like vampires.

Robert Neville lives in his old family home, assaulted nightly by what were once his friends and neighbors who have become the walking dead. He, in turn, waits until the morning light and searches out their hiding places in order to destroy them when they are at their most vulnerable.

Then, in one of his travels he finds that there is another who is doing the same thing. He is not alone in the world after all.

Matheson wrote a thinking man's horror novel. He touches on the feeling of alienation and loneliness that pervades so much of our modern world — a world that places us as pawns, used and often victimised by the science and technologies of our own creation. But, Matheson also inspires hope in fighting back as he appeals to the survival instincts of every man and woman.

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