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The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Narrated by Mark Hammer
Written by George V. Higgins

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“What made it hurt worse was knowing what they were going to do to you, you know? There you are and they tell you very matter of fact that you made somebody mad, you made a big mistake and it isn’t anything personal, you understand, but it just has to be done. Now get your hand out there. ‘Hey look, Paulie, nothing personal, you know? You made a mistake. I don’t wanna have to shoot you, you know.’ So you stick out the hand and they put your fingers in the drawer and then one of them kicks it shut. Ever hear bones breaking?”

Eddie Coyle is a middle-aged, low-level hoodlum who is facing time in prison. As his date with prison approaches, Eddie is trying to make some money supplying guns for a group of bank robbers, while also turning informer for a federal agent in hopes of keeping himself out jail. The novel is populated with a memorable cast of lowlifes who live in a bleak world in which trust is nonexistent and self-interest rules the day.

'The Friends of Eddie Coyld' is "the game-changing crime novel of the last fifty years. It is also quite possibly one of the four or five best crime novels ever written."

ADVISORY : 'Eddie Coyle' is for adults. This story depicts criminal behavior and contains considerable profanity, bigoted and sexist remarks, and violence.

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