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Five Little Pigs
Narrated by Hugh Fraser
Written by Agatha Christie
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Book One
1. Counsel for the Defence
2. Counsel for the Prosecution
3. The Young Solicitor
4. The Old Solicitor
5. The Police Superintendent
6. This Little Pig Went to Market
7-A. This Little Pig Stayed Home
7-B. This Little Pig Stayed Home
8. This Little Pig Had Roast Beef
9. This Little Pig Had None
10. This Little Pig Cried
Book Two
Narrative of Philip Blake
Narrative of Meredith Blake
Narrative of Lady Dittisham
Narrative of Cecilia Williams
Narrative of Angela Warren
Book Three
1. Conclusions
2. Poirot Asks Five Questions
3. Reconstruction
4. Truth
5. Aftermath
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