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by Graham Greene

An out of work novelist, Holly Martins, arrives in post war Vienna, invited by his old friend, Harry Lime, However, after arriving, Martins learns that Lime recently died in a suspicious traffic accident. He tries to discover what really happened to Lime. As he investigates the death of his old friend, Martins hears of a 'third man' who was there when Harry was killed. Things are complicated when Martins falls in love with Harry Lime's lover, Anna.

Short Stories for English Language Learners
by Pearl S. Buck

Old Mrs. Pan was indignant. She had never heard of a country where no marriages were arranged for the young, leaving to them the most important event of their lives at a time when their judgement was still unripe, and a mistake could bring disaster.
"What has all this to do with us, mother?" her son asked.
"This is what is to do, a nice, ugly girl of our own people came here today to see me. She is twenty-seven years old and she is not married. What will become of her?"

ESL & Adult Literacy Listening and Reading - Audiobooks - Radio - Songs

“There’s something terrible on her mind, Mr. Holmes. ‘Murder!’ she cries. ‘Murder!’ , ‘You cruel beast! You monster!' It was in the night, and sent the shivers through me. So I went to her in the morning. ‘Mrs. Ronder, if you have anything that is troubling your soul, there’s the clergy and there‘s the police. Between them you should get some help.’ ‘For God’s sake, not the police!’ ‘And the clergy can’t change what is past. And yet,’ she says, ‘it would ease my mind if someone knew the truth before I died.’

ESL & Adult Literacy Listening and Reading - Audiobooks - Radio - Songs


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ESL & Adult Literacy Listening and Reading - Audiobooks - Radio - Songs


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So Sad
Love Hurts
Let It Be Me
Bye Bye Love
 Cathy's  Clown
Born Yesterday
Til I Kissed You
Maybe Tomorrow
Wake Up Little Susie
Brand New Heartache
All I Have To Do Is Dream
I Wonder If I Care As Much

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